They really are the ‘lucky ones’, just one infectious tune from a young and fiercely original rock and roll band on a fast upward trajectory.  Triplets Emily, Bo and Maddy Blunt along with drummer Nicholas Burrows make up the indecent musings of a foursome that will soon be at the top of the charts while remaining true to themselves.

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: What are the chances that a set of triplets and a session drummer would come together to form a rock band? Tell me about the beginnings for The Indecent.

Emily:  Well, the three of us playing together just naturally happened. I mean the triplets…we’ve been playing together since we were eight.  Finding Nick was a hell of a lot of luck and was really the idea of Stuart Chatwood, who was one of our first producers, along with Tim Sommer.  Stuart’s in this Canadian band called the Tea Party, and the Tea Party’s drummer, Jeff Burrows, has a son named Nick, so Stuart suggested he meet us. Nick came to New York for a studio session, and we hit it off as if he was always part of the band.

HM: Is it hard having this be a family affair? Is there a lot of getting under each other’s skin, wanting time apart? What is it like on the road and what is the dynamic between the three of you?

Emily: There are pros on cons. Yes, we do get very sick of one another but that will always be the case, so we are almost used to it. It’s boring at times, but we meet new people so that makes up for it…plus we have Nick! If we did not have Nick, I don’t think The Indecent would exist. We have an annual blow out once in a while over trivial things. Nick loves when this happens because it’s a rather hilarious thing to witness. But we all have similar taste and sentiments, so that really works in our favor. We are used to acting as a unit and I think that shows when we perform live. It just works.

Maddy: There are definitely times when we get a bit sick of each other and need a little space but for the most part we get a long fine. Being triplets we’ve always spent a lot of time with each other, so I guess were kind of used to it.

Bo: It is defiantly weird having two of the band members being your sisters. We get under each other’s skin sometimes but we usually get along.

HM: How would you describe your sound?

Emily: A moody aggressive poetic noisy mess.

Nicholas:  Melodic chaos mainly in minor, or a cat going through a paper shredder….

HM: Who are some of your musical influences and what would I find playing on your iPods?

Emily: The Gits, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pixies, Jefferson Airplane, PiL, Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, and many more. On the iPod, as of now, you would hear a lot of Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, the Cranberries, and a s**t load of John Lydon.

Maddy: The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Nirvana, Pink Floyd.

Nicholas: Pixies, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Thurston Moore, Glen Branca, early Metallica, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, Bongzilla, Sleep, Mud Honey, The Germs, Sex Pistols, and so on.

Bo: The Ramones, Pixies, Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, Patti Smith.

HM: Tell me about the song Lucky Ones and how that song came together?

Maddy: (I think) Bo came up with the original guitar riff and eventually Emily came up with vocals for it. It was something we’d all been playing around with for a while before we actually recorded it.

Emily: Lucky ones …my brain had diarrhea.

Nicholas: I had just finished laying down a drum track on one of the songs for the first album and walked into the main lounge where I found Bo playing the main riff. We both thought it would be cool if most of the song had that guitar part consistently playing, then I came up with the bridge, Maddy did Bass, and Emily started up on vocals.

HM: What can we expect from your upcoming album in terms of direction, the feel of it, what you want to come across to your audience?

Emily: Our album is going to be as aggressive as possible, as unpolished as possible and as genuine as possible. It’s anger, paranoia and a little bit of sarcasm. 

Maddy: I think our writing has gotten a lot better since the last album but it definitely is still recognizable as us. I think we kind of found our sound in this album.

Nicholas: I would say that the next album is a lot rawer than what we were originally going for. We haven’t been a band for that long, so we’ve only recently found “our sound”. The loud songs are loud, the strange songs are strange, and there’s not one song that we don’t like. In the end I’d say that we have matured as musicians and songwriters.

HM: Where do you like to write as a band or do you write separately and is it important to you to write your own material?

Emily: It’s extremely important to us that we write our own material. It’s rare that I have respect for any artist that does not…if you don’t play your own songs, you might as well be an iPod. We write together sometimes and sometimes separately, with the exception of lyrics. I’m very secretive about lyrics until I’ve done my final touches.

Nicholas: For the most part Bo or myself will come up with a basic guitar riff and show it to each other and then build off each others ideas.  If I’m at home in Canada we send little roughs to each other and give feed back. Then Maddy writes her bass part and I do drums, then once its finished we show it all to Emily and she comes up with the lyrics. We will jam it out a few times and if we think anything needs to be changed we will jam it out so more.

HM: Tim Sommer, who has worked with the likes of Maroon 5 and Michael Stipe, and Stuart Chatwood are producers on your project. What does it mean to you having them in your camp and how do you feel about comparisons to other young bands, say like a Maroon 5 when they started out?

Emily: It means comfort. It is really important to have people you trust on your team because it’s so easy to slip up. The comparisons don’t bother me at all. 

Maddy: It definitely feels good to know that we are in good hands!

HM: Emily, how does it feel to be the front woman of the band as lead vocalist?

Emily: It’s really intimidating. I’m a pretty shy person, but I seem to be coming out of my shell the more I perform. It’s a lot of pressure and it’s stressful but I don’t like to complain because it’s a gift to be doing it.

HM: For my fashion audience, how would you describe your style as it seems an extension of your originality musically?

Emily: It’s really anything that strikes me as a statement and that doesn’t make me feel like a complete idiot. Having to look good is probably what I hate most about being a singer…the idea that people are looking at you. It’s just a down side but I try to make the best of it.

Maddy: I am constantly going through different phases when it comes to my style. For the most part though I kind of just wear whatever I feel like wearing that day…I usually don’t think about it too much. I just try to have fun with it really.

Nicholas:  As far as fashion for me it’s usually jeans and t-shirts. I’m not picky at all. I do like the homeless look and usually buy my clothes at thrift stores.

Bo: Whatever I was wearing when I woke up yesterday.

HM: What’s this I hear about you meeting Ron Jeremy in Los Angeles? I want to hear this story!

Emily: Oh man! Well, we were in the Rainbow in Los Angeles, and we convinced our mother to go up to him and ask him to be in our video.   She thought he was in Motorhead, because we originally went into the Rainbow to find Lemmy. So she goes up to him (she will go up to anyone, she has no shame) and tells him that we are huge fans. He looks over kind of confused and we wave innocently. It was a great little trick we played on our mom! But in all seriousness, a video with Ron Jeremy in the near future would not be far fetched, and he gave us his card. I still have his number in my phone.

HM: What’s up next for you and is there a master plan?

Maddy:  We don’t really have much of a master plan, we’re kinda just going to see where all of this is gonna go and have fun with it.

Emily: A lot of shows, touring and promotion.

HM: Where can people find out more about The Indecent?

Emily: We have a Facebook page with a lot of traffic and a website in the making. We respond to everything on Facebook personally so that probably would be the best place right now.

Maddy:, or

A r o u n d   t h e   W e b