It is no wonder that Giorgio Armani came knocking when you take one look at Sarah Dumont. The former model is equal parts stunning and unaffected by a natural beauty that arrests. And it is this unassuming, if feisty nature that makes Dumont that much more likeable and someone you just want to be around. Dumont will next be seen in Don Jon, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and alongside Chris Pine and Giovanni Ribisi next year in A Many Splintered Thing. We settled in for a fun -chat with this sweet and talented artist.



HOMEGROWN OR FOREIGN MEN: I’ve dated mostly foreign guys in the past, but I’ve learned my lesson. I like my men like I like my cars – Made in the USA!

DESIGNER CRUSH: Armani, Valentino, -Calvin -Klein. Armani’s clothing is always elegant and classic, not to mention he has great taste in men…I mean men’s wear. Valentino really knows how to compliment a woman’s body and always has a ‘wow’ factor in each collection. -Calvin -Klein is always clean and modern with their dresses, the -lingerie is amazingly comfortable, and I’d rather wear jeans than a dress any day of the week.

CLOSET FAITHFULS: Ducute Motorcycle Jacket, my favorite Levi’s cut-off shorts. If I have to choose one flannel, it has to be my XL -quicksilver -flannel.


1. Drink a lot of water.

2. Get as much sleep as you can.

3. Look in the mirror as little as possible. Momma always told me, “the longer you look in the mirror the uglier you get.” Confidence is beautiful.

BEST BODY PART: On me, my legs. On men, eyes.



BEST DIVE BAR: The Darkroom on Melrose

DREAM DINNER GUEST: Irvin Magic Johnson


YOU’D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW I…love to watch boxing and UFC almost as much as The Lakers.

YOU – IN 3 WORDS: Off.  Her. Rocker.

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: Where did you grow up?

SARAH DUMONT: I was born in San Diego and lived between there with my mom and Utah with my dad till I was 14, then started -traveling constantly for modeling ….So, PLANET EARTH!

HM: You started out modeling for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo and Guess. Tell me about that part of your life?

SD: I got scouted at 14 and left to Asia, went to Europe the first time at 15, bounced around the globe until I settled down in New York at 19. I left the modeling world, and moved to Los Angeles at 21 and I’d really prefer to put that part of my life behind me. Acting is what I’m focused on now.

HM: First acting audition…

SD: A pilot called “Beautiful People.”

HM: You moved to Los Angeles not long ago. Best and worst things about living here…

SD: Worst is the traffic and best is the weather.

HM: You’ve jumped head-first into a very competitive industry. How do you deal with the sometimes cut-throat nature of it all? Do the opportunities trump any difficulties?

SD: I model for seven years, I’ve got thick skin. I don’t have any complaints when it comes to acting. The best
person for the role, gets the role. If I don’t book a part, I move my focus into working on the next part.

HM: Let’s talk about Don Jon, your new movie alongside writer/ director Joseph Gordon -Levitt who plays a porn addict. The film has gotten a lot of positive buzz. Tell me about your role.

SD: I’m not a fan of spoilers, so I won’t do that. I will tell you the character is VERY Jersey!

HM: You were in good company on this movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Luke…a great cast. What did you take away from the experience and being surrounded by that much talent?

SD: That no matter what level you are at, how famous you are or aren’t, we’re all just trying to make a great film and have a good time doing it.

HM: You just wrapped the independent film Acid Girls and Tbilisi, My City alongside Ron
Perlman. Tell me about those projects.

SD: Haha, again with the spoilers…Both film crews and cast mates were amazing to work with. Ron is so larger than life, yet completely unaffected and humble. Tbilisi is a breathtaking city that everyone should put on their bucket list to visit.

I really got into character for Acid Girls, shaved half my head, slept on set, wore the characters clothing 24/7 and made some great friends filming it. Go see them!

HM: Next year, you have A Many Splintered Thing alongside Chris Evans and Giovanni Ribisi coming out. Tell me about that role.

SD: I play a stereotypical LA party girl. Go see the movie!

HM: What do you get into when you are not working?

SD: Trouble… But the good kind [laughs]!

HM: What’s the long game?

SD: Continue to do what I love, which is acting. Hopefully make a good living off of it, and be…








A r o u n d   t h e   W e b