Tahj Mowry was simply born to act. From a pedigree that includes twin sisters Tia and Tamera, Tahj is coming into his own as star of the ABC Family hit comedy BABY DADDY. And with single “Kick It Out” already under his belt, success on the small screen just isn’t enough for this ambition young artist.


A KILLER SUIT OR VINTAGE TEE AND JEANS: Depends on the occasion. I like to switch up my style a lot. I dress for how I feel that day, but if I had to choose, I do love a good thrift shop or a one of a kind vintage
tee paired with some jeans.

ZOE KRAVITZ OR MILA KUNIS: Zoe Kravitz hands down. She is a beautiful specimen! I could look at her for hours!

CARDS WITH THE BOYS OR BONFIRE IN THE DESERT: Bonfire in the dessert for sure. And not because I don’t know how to play, but bonfires are just cool! I’d add some beer to the party though [laughs]!

ALFRED HITCHCOCK CLASSIC OR VINTAGE SPIELBERG: This is a hard one. They are both completely different directors and their styles are so different. I’m a horror guy though, so I guess if I had to pick, I’d go with Hitchcock. No one does suspense like him and his style is so unique and stylized. Everything has a purpose in his films. But some of my all-time favorite films are Spielberg films – Indian Jones and Jurassic Park…I’m obsessed! It’s kind of sad.

MAD MEN OR GAME OF THRONES: American Horror Story.

JAMIE FOXX IN DJANGO UNCHAINED OR WILL SMITH IN AFTER EARTH: I haven’t seen After Earth, but I want to. But Jamie was damn near perfect if not perfect in Django. I have to go with him. I felt his love, his anguish. I felt every emotion. Jamie Foxx is so amazing, because he can jump into any character and make it his own while making it all completely believable. I could have watched him in that movie for 3 more hours. His performance was truly amazing.


THE MOWRY INVASION: It’s amazing to all be on television at the same time again [with Tia and Tamera]. I feel like the fans missed that. It’s truly great! Family comes first in our family, so everything else comes after that. Our faith is important to us as well. My mother is my manager and she is one of the most influential/hardworking people I know. We owe her everything and we wouldn’t be who we are in our careers if
it wasn’t for her.

BABY DADDY: The best thing about being on Babby Daddy is the cast a crew for sure. Everyone is so amazing and we all get along on and off the set and are friends. The chemistry definitely comes through when you watch the show and that doesn’t happen all the time in TV. The style of the show is also very fast paced, like old-school sitcoms. There are only a handful of good sitcoms and I feel great to be a part of one of them! Our director Michael Lembeck worked on Friends for years, so that’s truly an honor as well!

As for Tucker, he is a character for sure! I got the chance to really sort of create Tucker as I go, so that’s been great. He has his ‘Tuckerisms’ now, which is awesome because we get to see those more and more. He also has
no filter, so I have a blast being a douche bag on set sometimes [laughs]! It’s awesome to play a character different from yourself as it’s more challenging and I’ve never had more fun playing a character and saying the things he says! He’s brilliant…and he’s very stylish, so I get to wear awesome clothes every day!

THE STUDIO GAME: Well, Baby Daddy is keeping me busy so I am trying to find time to get back into the
studio. I am a perfectionist, so everything has to be just right. I’m not afraid to take my time with my debut album and that’s what I’m going to do. The sound is definitely going to be unique. I like being different and
making something new and fresh. Radio is all the same now, so why jump into that category with everyone else? My sound will definitely have some alternative aspects to it though, mixed with some funky 80s infused sounds and some electronic influences as well. Very synth heavy. I listen to a plethora of different music, so I want to create a sound that is unique, but still cohesive at the same time. Think Sam Sparro meets Prince meets Mark Ronson. I know…your head just exploded [laughs]. So did mine!

THE BIG PICTURE: Well, I definitely want to start getting into more films, so you will definitely start to see me doing more of that in the future. I’m gonna ride the Baby Daddy train for as long as the fans and the network wants us! Hopefully, a while! I want to have a career in both television and film.





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