Jessica Parker Kennedy is a talent on the fast track. Already building an enviable body of work from roles on The CW series, THE SECRET CIRCLE, SMALLVILLE and 90210 to feature film in 50/50 alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the future is bright for this young star. With a starring role in the new Michael Bay Starz series, BLACK SAILS, Kennedy is our face to watch in 2013.


FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: I love to lay in bed awake before actually getting up. I’m not an early riser unless entirely necessary. I take my lounging very seriously!

FIRST FASHION CRUSH: In the early 2000s I saw a plaid collection by Marc Jacobs that made me so happy. I just remember thinking, ‘those are the coolest clothes I’ve ever seen!’ Of course I stop to watch all of Alexander McQueen’s runway shows because they’re like watching a vivid fairytale. They conjure up so much emotion. And I dream of wearing a Valentino dress someday. I bought my first pair of Valentino’s last year and I treat them like they’re gold.

FIRST OBSESSION: When I was really little, I was obsessed with Les Miserables. I saw it three times in the theatre before I turned ten. I memorized every word to every song and endlessly sang to the cassette tape in my house and in the car!

FIRST MOMENT THE ACTING BUG HIT: My mom used to take me to the outdoor theatre in Sundance,
Utah when I was a kid. Instead of watching the actors who were speaking dialogue, I would always focus on the actors spread around the stage whose turn it wasn’t to speak, yet to make sure they were still in character. They were always in character and even as a little girl, I thought it was the neatest thing. I learned a lot from them about professionalism.

FIRST BIT OF PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Knowing your lines is the easiest part of the gig. No one is going to congratulate you for that.


FIRST GROWTH SPURT: Almost every actor hears ‘no’ more than they hear ‘yes’ in the beginning of the
auditioning process. You can’t hold on to every audition you do and painstakingly wait to hear back. Most of the time, you have to walk in to the room, do the best you can, walk out and let it go.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF HOLLYWOOD: I felt like in Canada, my “look” was unique. My very first audition in Los Angeles, I walked into the waiting room and there were ten other girls who looked just like me.  It made me work a lot harder for parts I wanted.

FIRST FEELING ABOUT BLACK SAILS: It’s so funny because, taking my own advice, I put that audition on tape and then just let it go. I never really thought about it again. So many people all over the world were auditioning for the show and to film in such an exotic place like South Africa just seemed like such a far away dream. When I booked the part, I think I was in shock for a few days. The show is loosely based on the book ‘Treasure Island’, but about twenty years earlier. It’s set in 1715 and I play a whore named Max. She’s excellent at what she does and a master manipulator. I like to say she puts people to bed, literally and figuratively. It’s been the best shooting experience of my life mainly because of my cast, who I’m enamored with personally and as actors. They’re amazing and I’m inspired and continuously learning from each one of them. Our show runners and creators John Steinberg and Robert Levine are also incredible people. They’ve not only written a beautifully sculpted show, but are extremely approachable and kind.

FIRST LIFE DEFINING MOMENT: I’ve had many wonderful and extreme moments in my life, but I don’t think I’ve had an life defining ones just yet!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Amanda Peixoto-Elkins
HAIR: Dianna Baustia
MAKE UP: Amy Clarke
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