Canadian heart throb Godfrey Gao has a lot to be proud of. Being a successful model (think Louis Vuitton) and an established actor in Taiwan isn’t enough for this irrepressible artist. Gao is ready to take America by storm this summer, making his English-language speaking debut in the highly anticipated YA novel adaptation, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as fan favorite Magnus Bane.
HOME SWEET HOME: Vancity, BC or wherever my family is.
CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: A vintage leather jacket I’ve had since I did my first cover shoot…reminds me of James Dean. A navy slim fitted three piece suit I wore to my first GQ Men of the Year Awards. And my denim jeans I’ve had since high school.
BEST & WORST TRAIT: My best trait would be that I am hospitable and generous because I like to entertain and host. My worst trait would probably be that I’m too good looking…joking [laughs]! Sometimes when I don’t smile, I look intimidating and people might get the wrong impression of me, so I should smile more!
FIRST MODELLING GIG: A “standstill” mannequin show for “The Bay” department store…
THE GETAWAY TRAIN: Bora Bora and jet skiing around the islands.
LAST IMPULSE BUY: An Officine Panerai watch.
DREAM DINNER GUEST: Michael Jordan or Kevin Hart
SATURDAY NIGHT, I’D FIND YOU…hosting a dinner for family and friends to show off my culinary skills and trying out new recipes.
YOU – IN 3 WORDS: Passionate. Driven. Humble.


HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: When did you first know that you loved to perform?
GODFREY GAO: When I was young, I remember that I always found myself looking at the camera lens and making weird faces and dances! I’d always find a way to look at the video recorder when my dad was filming me. So, I guess when I got into acting I felt
very natural in front of a camera.
HM: Did your family encourage your artistic aspirations?
GG: My parents definitely encouraged me when I stumbled upon an opportunity to be an actor and model. I remember my mom telling me about the 3 R’s; The Right place, The Right time and The Right people…and given the chance, why not grab it, take
advantage and make use of it?
HM: You’ve had a successful modeling career for brands like Louis Vuitton. What were those experiences
GG: Amazing! To have worked with such a huge and successful luxury brand and to be the first Asian male they have ever used in their global ad campaign is an honor. These experiences will forever hold a special place in my heart. 
HM: Even before crossing over into the American market, you’ve enjoyed an acting career in Taiwan. Has that
prepared you for what’s to come?
GG: It has definitely helped me to become who I am today as an actor and through these film experiences, that’s where I learned the most. Now, crossing over to the American market, there will be new experiences. I have to learn to adapt to the acting style as well…which I can say I’m really excited about.
HM: You play Magnus Bane in the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Give us a
snapshot of what the film is about?
GG: It is a young adult urban fantasy series set in New York City where the stories you’ve heard when you were little about vampires, werewolves and demons clash in an exciting thriller! 
HM: Tell us about Magnus. What sort of character is he?
GG: He is this gifted half-human half-demon warlock who never ages, never dies and has lived for over 800 years experiencing life to its fullest. Also, he is a flamboyant character who loves to party and wild out, wearing glitter makeup, eye shadow, nail polish, and most of all, his cat eyes will appear sometimes if you haven’t been nice to him.
HM: This is your first English-speaking role? Is it nerve-racking, exciting? What’s the overriding feeling?
GG: Yes, it is my first English feature and it was nerve-racking because I’ve been acting in Mandarin my whole career and never acted in English before. It’s funny because I speak English better than my Mandarin! But after this experience, I
realized that I never “NG” [No Good] on my lines or screw up on any of my takes, which is something I’m proud of. I guess I feel more comfortable acting in English!
HM: Who are some of the actors that have influenced you the most?
GG: James Dean, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and many more who I enjoy watching and learning from.
HM: What’s the long game?
GG: To seek more opportunities in the American market and hopefully bridge the gap between Asian and American films.
A r o u n d   t h e   W e b