When we last left power sports agent Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) on HBO’s Ballers, he was helping the Oakland Raiders make the move to Vegas. The mega-deal presented unlimited upward trajectory for Spencer, but the pull back towards ASM was too great and so, Spencer went back to the place he always belonged.

In the Season 4 premiere, we catch up with Spencer in Los Angeles, celebrating the news that he is on the ballot for the Hall of Fame. Spencer also has two new potential clients on the horizon – a star high-school baller and an action sports mogul.

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Enter Russell Brand as Lance Klians, the frontman of Sports X, an action sports company with plenty of upside if Joe has anything to say about it. Lance tries to talk Spencer into taking him and his company on, putting on a spectacular extreme sports presentation, showing how the brand could be marketed as a lifestyle. But Spencer’s reservations are not only to do with the brash and almost uncouth Lance, but about being back in Los Angeles, where his past casts a shadow. Spencer takes Joe to the bridge where his brother killed himself, a dark memory that still haunts him. Staying in Los Angeles will be tough for Spencer, but he commits to it for the greater good.

Brand as Lance is a welcome addition to the action, pitch-perfect as the entitled entrepreneur with more hubris than he knows what to do with.

Meanwhile, Ricky is starting over in Los Angeles, house hunting while retirement stares him in the face. Its all about being a family man now and being a father. But as it turns out, Ricky isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to football. And when a potential deal with Cleveland doesn’t pan out, Jason assures him that more offers will come.

We also catch up with Charles, who scores the GM job at the Rams, under pressure as a leader with 300 people under his charge. For him it is put-up or shut up time.

Ballers has pressed the reset button and it looks like our favorite players, all in fine form, are in for an interesting ride.


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