I could not be more excited for Billions Season 4 after the dramatic Season 3 closer, “Elmsley Count.” The student has become the teacher and suddenly, hedge fund genius Bobby Axelrod, is outplayed by his protege, Taylor Mason. United States Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) it turns out, is not Bobby’s greatest foe, instead, the mutiny is from within the ranks at Axe Capital.

When wunderkind Taylor entered the scene as a sharp-eyed financial analyst at Axe Cap, it was hard to predict their meteoric rise to chief operating officer. A confluence of events made this rise possible, from an early bond with Bobby taking on the role of mentor, letting Taylor in on trade secrets, to Bobby’s legal troubles forcing him to stop trading.

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Somebody needed to fill in the gap, and that person was Taylor, trusted to take over operations and keep Axe Cap running on all cylinders in Bobby’s relative absence. When Bobby returns, it is time to raise money by almost any means necessary. Russian oligarch Grigor Andolov (John Malkovich) invests his billions in Axe Cap. However, Taylor feels sidelined, left out of the loop and in one case, personally double crossed by Axe, all for the bottom line. As Taylor becomes increasingly disgruntled, they secretly begin setting up shop offsite.

The slight of hand is complete following a multi-billion dollar raise by Axe Cap. Taylor uses their smarts to poach Bobby’s investors and a couple of employees, including getting funding from Andolov to launch Mason Capital.

Bobby is blindsided. The man who has spent a career outmaneuvering his competition, gets played. It is poetic justice. But Bobby won’t go down without a fight, confronting Taylor in an epic head-to-head verbal battle that sets up Season 4 perfectly. Taylor proves a formidable foe, ready to wade into murky New York financial waters in order to outdo her former boss. And Bobby is up for the fight.

Damien Lewis as Bobby and Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor are evenly matched, both rising to the occasion and creating a dynamic that is exciting to watch. Their characters both seek money and power, but their internal processes are miles apart. The question is, who will come out on top?


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