“Over A Cliff” was Scandal‘s final episode, signifying the end of an era at ABC. Scandal was Shonda Rhimes’ baby, putting Kerry Washington on the map in a big way. The fact that a strong African-American woman was taking the lead in a primetime drama was a huge deal.

As political dramas go, Scandal had it all – the sex, the money, the power, the clandestine operations, and of course, the political scandals.


When Olivia Pope took over the reigns at B613, she was slowly but surely corrupted by power and the finale gave her and the rest of the OPA gang a chance to redeem themselves and find their way back to their very souls. Olivia testified, revealing the truth about the secretive and lethal organization, earning back pieces of herself with each confession.

More surprising perhaps was that Rowan – Pope’s father and the founder of B613, also gave up the goods, revealing all, including the fact that a black man had been pulling all of the strings in Washington D.C. Jake was ultimately the fall guy, which seems fitting considering all the devious deeds he pulled off and the body count he left behind.

As for Cyrus, being vice president wasn’t enough. Pushing Mellie out of the Oval Office would give him ultimate power and in that quest, Attorney General David Rosen had to die. Cyrus perhaps best represented the corrupting influence of power on the show – an idealist who turned into a scheming operative and then a killer. In the end, even he recognized when it was time to leave the stage, resigning at the urging of Olivia, with Mellie remaining president.

And what about Fitz and Olivia? Did they end up in Vermont making jam? Not quite, although they enjoyed one last passionate turn between the sheets. And with Olivia leaving her D.C. fixer days behind her, the future was hers to do whatever she pleased. She made it into the sun. But Rhimes left the fate of both Olivia and Fitz up to the viewers and the show’s most devoted fans – the Gladiators – to decide.

And while Rhimes, who made Thursday night must-see-TV on ABC, moves on to Netflix, her legacy lingers.


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