Showtime’s high-octane financial drama, Billions, returned Sunday night for Season 3. And this is the season of consequences.

Following last season’s brilliant “Golden Frog Time” episode and its aftermath, with Paul Giamatti’s U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades sacrificing his relationship with his father and his multi-million dollar trust fund to bring down Damian Lewis’ hedge fund billionaire Bobby “Axe” Axelrod in the Ice Juice deal, there is major fallout.

And while Chuck and Bobby’s rivalry continues to power the series, there is more complexity to these principles and those who inhabit their worlds. Chiefly, that each must deal with the consequences of their actions which reverberate, not only in their insular circles, but in the real world. Average Joe’s got sick and others lost money in the Ice Juice fiasco, real-life casualties in Bobby’s quest for vengeance.

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Bobby opens the season getting ready for a trial that could bring him down. And while Wendy (Maggie Siff) kept her word, attempting to put him back together emotionally, this will be an uphill climb. With the firm’s assets frozen, Bobby makes a short term play for the good of the company, giving up his ability to trade and making Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) Chief Investment Officer at Axe Capital – big shoes to fill, but a position Taylor is ready for.

Bobby’s home life is another casualty of his selfish actions, with him and wife Lara (Malin Akerman) separating, leaving him alone (with occasional female company) in a cold apartment in the city. The two are keeping things amicable for their two boys, but for now, Lara is looking out for herself, making sure she gets what’s coming to her financially.

And while Chuck and Wendy are back under the same roof, they still have a long way to go to patch up their fractured relationship. Professionally, Chuck is busy keeping tabs on Ollie’s (Christopher Denham) investigation into Bobby and Axe Capital, making sure his family’s fingerprints remain off the case.

Still on track to make it to the Governor’s mansion, as U.S.Attorney, Chuck must answer to a new Attorney General (Clancy Brown) who has his own ideas about what cases Chuck’s office should prioritize. But Chuck isn’t quite ready to play ball all the way – he wants to pick his cases and see justice served. There is still idealism in a man who has gone many miles down the road of personal compromise to ascend politically.

In Season 3, nobody’s hands are clean, not the prosecutors, nor the men they pursue. What price people will pay for the sins they have committed is yet to be seen, but consequences are catching up to the likes of Bobby…as they should. Billions is on solid footing as it begins a third season, with the main players raising their games as the stakes continue to be high.



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