This Is Us Season 2 finale, “The Wedding,” got us sobbing again, setting us up for what is to come.

The petal-strewn backdrop is Kate and Toby’s wedding – a well-deserved and hopeful cap-off to a season that has seen the couple weather issues from depression to a heart-wrenching miscarriage.

Jack’s presence still looms large, mostly in his baby girl’s dreams in this case. A 40th wedding anniversary party for Jack and Rebecca loops in Kate’s mind’s eye, stretched across the episode.

As weeping toasts are made – Randall’s being the weepiest, we get flashes of plot twists to come in Season 3. Randall toasts, “Choosing our people is the closest we come to controlling our destiny because while everything else may change, we can choose right if people will stay the same…whether that’s tonight or a year from now or ten years from now.”

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So, where will the Pearsons be a year from now? We are left with more questions than answers.

It appears that the high of Toby and Kate’s wedding is not lasting as we see Kate tending to Toby, who looks listless in bed. She talks about the doctor wanting to tweak his meds. Is his depression back? Is it getting worse? If it is depression, what triggered it this time around? Could it be their difficulties starting a family? Toby’s issues with his family?

In the near future, we find Kevin on his way to Vietnam. Is he searching for answers about his father, Jack, and his brother, both of whom served in the war?

But the biggest cliffhanger in the episode concerns Randall…a weather-worn Randall, years down the line, with his grown-up daughter, Tess. They are going to see someone, but who? Randall tells Tess that it’s time to go see “her,” but Tess isn’t ready. Is it Rebecca? Is it Beth? What aren’t they ready for?

This Is Us continues to tear at our heart strings and deplete our Kleenex supplies with each episode. We have been welcomed into the Pearsons lives and now we care. We are invested. And although they have weathered many storms, pulling us along with them, it is clear that there are many more to come.


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