The Bachelor‘s much hyped finale finally happened tonight over a long, painfully drawn out three hours…and there’s still one more hour to come tomorrow night.

Race car driver by way of Arizona, Arie Luyendyk narrowed down his choices to confident Becca Kufrin and the more reserved Lauren Burnham, two women that couldn’t be more different from one another. But he loves them both and two romantic final dates in breathtaking Peru only make him more conflicted.

ARIE Lou Rocco ABC via Getty Images

Enter reinforcements. Arie’s parents and siblings fly to Peru to meet the two finalists and help Arie sort through his feelings. They meet Lauren first and she is a hit. This puts Becca at somewhat of a disadvantage, with the Minnesota native having to hear how great Lauren was from Arie’s camp. But they come around, deciding that the more steady Becca would make a better long-term partner for Arie.

Arie agrees.

On proposal day, the first SUV pulls up and Lauren steps out, with hope spread across her face…and a few nerves too. After professing her love once again, Arie breaks the news to her that she’s not the one, with no real explanation. Her genuine seeming hurt and confusion is understandable. Arie was gushing about how much he loved her less than 24 hours before.

Then came Becca in the second SUV. More proclamations of love, but this time Arie tells her that she is the one, getting down on bended knee with a Neil Lane sparkler and proposing to the brunette beauty. The end, right?

Not so much.

After a few secret meetings (while the show was airing on TV), Arie realizes he has made a mistake. He can’t stop thinking about Lauren. He shares his struggles with Becca, but he still can’t get Lauren out of his head. So, when he and Becca reunite in sun-soaked Los Angeles for a romantic weekend, romance is the last thing on the cards. This is a break up.

And in true reality show fashion, every ugly shred of it plays out uninterrupted. Arie tells Becca its just not going to work out. He’s in love with Lauren and hopes it isn’t too late to salvage a future with her. A stunned Becca is understandably distraught, trying to wrap her head around the fact that this man has just ripped her future out from under her.

The cameras don’t pan away for a second. She slips off her engagement ring, biting back anger and tears. She’s embarrassed. Arie doesn’t seem as cut up as he should. He seems a bit cold, considering what he’s just done. Becca asks Arie to leave and he does. But he comes back to talk it out some more. You can’t help but feeling that his goal is simply to make it out of the house without looking like a complete douchebag – an impossible task.

The cameras continue to roll as Becca’s emotions spill out, vacillating between tears and hyperventilation. It seems a cruel spectacle to behold. It’s wrong on so many levels. Yes, she signed up for a dating show, but did she sign up for this level of humiliation?

Tomorrow night’s broadcast will reunite Arie, Lauren and Becca in what is sure to be a very awkward hour. And Becca will get a chance to confront Arie and get some questions answered. Let’s hope she gets the closure she deserves.


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