His is a name you will be hearing for years to come. Multi-faceted newcomer, Dallas Hart is shaking things up as the resident rocker on Netflix’s new original series, Greenhouse Academy. We settled in with the actor and musician to talk shop.

Dallas Hart

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: Where did you grow up?

DALLAS HART:  I grew up in a small town; Jenison, Michigan.

HM: What was your first big break into the industry?

DH: My first big break was Netflix’s “Greenhouse Academy.”

HM: Charlie Hunnam, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt…who are some actors that have influenced you?

DH: Johnny Depp has inspired me a lot and is to this day my favorite actor and is also an incredibly talented musician.

HM: Let’s talk about your new Netflix series, Greenhouse Academy, which is about a boarding school where two rival houses join forces to foil an evil plot. It’s based on an Israeli series. Had you seen that series before you got the gig?

DH: I did get to see some of the episodes from the original series. Netflix sent some clips over before the producers session audition. The series are actually very similar to each other.

HM: Tell me about the character you play…

DH: My character, ‘Leo’ and I actually have a lot of similarities. He is a musician and I have a very big passion for creating music as well. He’s strong, talented and a natural born leader.

HM: What’s your approach when you get into the skin of a new character?

DH: I usually create a very detailed background for the character and take whatever I can from my personal life to make a realistic persona. Then I establish my relationships with other characters until the world of my character is completely real to me.

Dallas Hart

HM: You sing the title track of Greenhouse Academy. How did that come about and tell us about the song…

DH: I actually didn’t know I was singing the title song until after it was already recorded. My character has songs within the episodes but I had no idea I was performing the opening song until we filmed the scenes for the title sequence.

HM: Do you have any new music in the works and who are some of your influences on that front?

DH: Yes, I have a band and we are currently in the studio recording right now. New music should be ready by the beginning of next year. Jon Bellion is a huge influence for me and he has such a creative mind.

HM: Best life lesson so far…

DH: Just keep pushing! If there’s something you want to achieve don’t let anything get in the way.

HM: What’s the master plan?

DH: The master plan is to be creating! I love all parts of the entertainment industry and story telling. I’ll be just as happy behind the camera as I am in front of it.


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