Camille Hyde is as arresting as she is talented. Starring in Netflix’s American Vandal and in TV Land’s upcoming anthology series, Heathers, there is no slowing down for this brown-eyed wonder. We caught up with Hyde to find out more.


FROM D.C. TO HOLLYWOOD: Growing up in Washington DC was the most amazing blessing. DC is such a multicultural, historically and culturally rich place. I was always surrounded by things and people that inspired me. I always wanted to be a performer but the entertainment industry is not very prevalent in DC, so I just did theater and other performing arts training from preschool until I moved to California. I think being raised in such a special city allowed me to stay grounded and experience an authentic childhood before moving to LA and making a career out of my passion.

BIG BREAK: I guess the turning point in my career was booking “Power Rangers” — the Nickelodeon show that has been airing since the early 90’s, so I was stepping into a franchise that already had a huge following and legacy. I was immediately embraced and supported by all of the “Power Ranger” fans and flew to New Zealand a month after I found out I was going to play ‘Shelby’ (Pink Ranger). After 9 months of filming in New Zealand, I came back with a ton of work experience and training under my belt. That led me to continue working on new shows and my career started evolving towards the end of that year.

ACTORS WHO INFLUENCED YOU: I was always captivated by the performances of Viola Davis, Robin Wright, Woody Harrelson, and Nicole Kidman. And I’ve followed Brie Larson’s career from one of her first movies ever – she’s a more contemporary influence of mine career-wise. She’s a genius and seems like a true gem of a person as well. I’m just as interested in an actor for who they are off camera as who they are otherwise. Good people usually make the best actors because they’re truly interested in learning about the world through the eyes of others — that comes across in each performance when you have to completely submerge yourself into the truths of another person’s life. You can only do that if you really care about knowing other people’s lives.

BEST PIECE OF CAREER ADVICE SO FAR: Leave everything in the room. It’s really easy to get discouraged in an industry where you’re constantly going on “job interviews” and leaving your fate up to people you don’t really know. You just have to develop your craft and train to make sure you’re the best that you can be, and the rest will fall into place when it’s the right place and time. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. So I’ve learned to be quite patient when it comes to my career and prioritize living a balanced life.

ALL ABOUT ‘AMERICAN VANDAL’: “American Vandal” is a true-crime satire that follows a young documentarian (Peter) and his friends Sam and Gabi (me) who try to prove or disprove the innocence of a guy who is framed for spray-painting obscene images on 27 staff cars. It starts as kind of a comedic mystery, but then you get drawn into the theories and stories of each character and potential culprit. It gets pretty addicting! My character, Gabi, is the girl-next-door and best friend of Sam, who is investigating the crime with Peter. She’s very down-to-earth, loyal and fun loving. She loves Sam, but only as a friend. She has a boyfriend who isn’t the greatest and her relationship turns out to be a possible motive for why Sam could have been behind the vandalism.


TAKING ON ‘HEATHERS’: It was super fun working on “Heathers”! I knew it was going to be a hit after reading some of the scripts and seeing how they’ve tailored each character into specific personalities. The episode I’m in follows an inappropriate situation between my character and a teacher at the school. That’s all I can say right now but it’s going to be a cool episode, especially after seeing how it connects to prior episodes!

DESIGNER CRUSHIN’: I’ve never been a single designer kind of girl — I love certain collections and collaborative stores. I’m really into Reformation, ASOS and LF!

CELEBRITY STYLE STEAL: I love Shay Mitchell’s style — she has the type of vibe that inspires me fashion-wise. It’s laid back, boho, and cool. Everything she wears is different from day to day, but she is so consistent with her style.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: I’m a sucker for a good night in. When I get the chance to have quality girl time at home, I take it! Always starts with a great classic movie selection, then I make a fun recipe for dinner to eat with the movie, light some candles, do face masks and get into deep conversation after the movie. It’s so good for the soul! If I feel like going out, I’m pretty laid back so I love dinner and movies or maybe a rooftop lounge!

BEST LIFE LESSON SO FAR: To appreciate and love living in each moment. We constantly linger in the past or anticipate the future, but our happiness should lie in the present. Living in the moment seems so easy, but it really isn’t and I work really hard to remind myself to enjoy each moment as they come. Life is short, so we shouldn’t waste time living in the past or the future!


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