“Who killed Laura Palmer?” was the question we were presented with back in 1990 when David Lynch brought us into his strange world of Twin Peaks. And in the final two episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return, we come full circle…sort of.

twin peaks Credit Suzanne Tenner showtime

For starters, Agent Cooper is finally free, his evil twin banished to the lodge while he emerges armed with considerable intel. This valuable information propels Cooper back in time in a bid to save Laura Palmer from her demise. And while he succeeds in some respects, namely keeping Laura from the site of her death, he fails on another count, as she is left screaming, vanishing into the abyss.

But Cooper is not done, no less determined to find Laura, travelling through a wormhole with Diane Evans by his side, ending up in Odessa,Texas. There, Cooper finds a woman who looks exactly like Laura…it must be her…but she is calling herself Carrie Page. Bringing her back to Twin Peaks, convinced she is indeed Laura, they return to the Palmers’ house from all those years ago. But the Palmers’ don’t live there anymore. The house has new occupants. However, Carrie has a physical reaction to being at the house, the ghosts of Laura conjured. She screams into the wind.

And so the show ends, without a resolution to the Laura Palmer story. The mind-bending 18-episode run takes us on a journey we think will lead to answers. But it would seem that the journey is the point. Visually and conceptually, there has never been a show like Twin Peaks, and never will be again I imagine. David Lynch simply created a masterpiece, satisfying with The Return, even though questions still linger.


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