Drama is nothing new to reality television…in fact, it’s the point. Producers seek out conflict and opposing personalities who have no qualms about airing their dirty laundry on national television.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Sunday night conclusion to a four part reunion took things to a new low. The question surrounding who told Porsha Williams that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker planned on drugging her and taking her back to their home, was answered. It was none other than Phaedra Parks a.k.a. the Frack to Porscha’s Frick.

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The shocking revelation brought on tears of rage from Kandi, who couldn’t believe that Phaedra would stoop so low, in order to hurt her. Porsha was hysterical, feeling like she was used by Phaedra to get back at Kandi.

Phaedra was caught. The game was up. And all the mother of two had to say in her defense was that she had heard the defamatory rumor from a third party and repeated it to Porsha. However, Porsha made it clear that Phaedra said the information came directly from Kandi.

Only when cornered did Phaedra apologize to Kandi, although the apology rang hollow. It was a demoralizing hour, exposing the nasty underbelly of reality television. This was not just a matter of ‘throwing shade’ at a cast member, but what amounted to rape allegations that could permanently tar someone’s reputation and possibly their livelihood as well.

TMZ was first to report on Monday that Phaedra has been fired from the popular reality series because of her part in spreading such vicious rumors and subsequently lying about it. Apparently Phaedra was informed in early April that she would not be asked back for Season 10.


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