11.3 million eyeballs tuned in for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale – “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.” As season enders go, there have been better – think Negan’s bat-wielding antics last season, reigning a special brand of terror on the Alexandrians.

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What you can almost always count on is that someone will die…and in the 90 minute finale, it was Sasha’s turn to meet her maker. And she seemed ready to fall on her sword, to extinguish grief and to be reunited with her loved ones. Time skips back and forth as we see Sasha in flashbacks with Abraham, their final words and final moments which certainly tug at the heart.

We jump back to Sasha, in the Sanctuary. Negan and Eugene are there and Negan has a plan, his wrath directed at the Alexandrians. The idea is to pick off Rick’s people, but the way Sasha sees it, the only one that will be heaven or hell-bound will be her. Rather than take Negan out with a poisonous pill courtesy of Eugene, she uses it on herself. Negan has traitors right under his nose.

While Sasha is not necessarily a top-billed player, her death, and the drama of it all, is quintessential Walking Dead. Resolution finally comes for Sasha, played beautifully by Sonequa Martin-Green.

Meanwhile, there is a tiger on the loose. Yes, I said a tiger – feasting on Saviours and the garbage bunch. What looms over proceedings is the fact that a war is coming. Hilltop and The Kingdom approach, and Rick is threatening to kill Negan. He is ready for a fight…they all are, and if death is to come, they are willing to go down.

While viewership on Sunday night was the lowest it had been for a Walking Dead finale since back in Season 2, the staying power of the Andrew Lincoln-powered series remains solid, with a die-hard fan base that will forgive some dips in form, all for the greater good.


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