Behind deep brown eyes, Amber Midthunder stores a reservoir of talent, bursting out in each role she takes on. From Hell or High Water opposite Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine, to a new role on the highly-anticipated FX drama, Legion, we caught up with the rising star to find out more.


HOME SWEET HOME:  I really am a country girl, but I have a lot of different sides to me. I have what I call my “fundamental human skills” – that is, the younger years, when all you are learning is how to be a person. I grew up in a quiet suburb outside of LA, then I developed into who I really am while living out in the country just outside of Santa Fe, NM. I got to grow up with horses, dirt bikes, dogs and for me, that is the best way to grow up.

BIG BREAK:  Legion

ACTORS WHO INFLUENCED YOU:  Many, but my dad mainly. My dad started acting before I was born, so I think thanks to him, the acting bug was in me from before I was even around. Aside from him though, actors can all have such different ways of approaching the same ultimate goal. I think every actor I have ever worked with has given me something to put into my tool kit and move forward with.

EXPERIENCING ‘HELL OR HIGH WATER’:  I play a girl who has an encounter with Ben Foster’s character and then Jeff Bridges’ character. She is a sweet, innocent little Texas girl whose world gets severely punctured by an experience she probably never considered was even possible.

I worked with Ben and Jeff, both of whom are ultimate masters at what they do. They were both so giving and so present that working with them was a gift that I will carry with me for as long as I am here.

ALL ABOUT ‘LEGION’:  It is an X-Men show, but unlike ANYTHING anyone has ever seen before. You do not have to have seen the movies to watch our show. You just have to go in ready to have your world rocked.

PLAYING KERRY: She is strong, she is very physically-minded, she has some real instincts, but she is not without things to learn. There is also another character named Cary on the show, and that is no coincidence.

DESIGNER CRUSHIN’:  Love me some Ted Baker, Dior, and Marc Jacobs.

CELEBRITY STYLE STEAL: Jennifer Lawrence – anyone with eyeballs knows her style is king. Emma Stone – her carpet looks are the bomb. Blake Lively – she dresses the way I wish I had the energy to dress. So cute, so casual.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER:  I am a granny in a young person’s body, so — especially on a Saturday night — I am most likely watching some sort of guilty pleasure show in bed.

BEST LIFE LESSON SO FAR:  That it is not about you. There are things you do for yourself, but even sometimes taking care of yourself is taking care of those around you. You influence everyone you come into contact with and the power of that influence is something I have been taught not to take lightly.



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