Television these days is littered with con men and women – think ABC’s The Catch or Amazon’s Sneaky Pete. Well, you can add one more con artist to that list. A beguiling Maddie, played by rising star Inbar Lavi on Bravo’s new scripted series, Imposters.

imposters bravo

Lavi is the best thing about Imposters. It’s that simple. You will tune in to watch her big brown eyes reel in her prey, seducing and manipulating, before leaving them high and dry…and heartbroken.

Lavi is well cast as the sexy and cunning Maddie, known to her marks as Ava. Ava appears happily married to of footwear mogul Ezra (Rob Heaps). But little does Ezra know what manner of woman he has gotten himself mixed up with. Maddie will soon disappear into thin air, taking Ezra’s fortune with her and leaving him devastated.

But Ezra is not the only sucker, left in the lurch by Maddie. There is Richie (Parker Young), whom Ezra discovers has also been burned by Maddie who was also his wife. The question is, where is Maddie? Both men need to know, with revenge squarely on the table. The chase is a necessary one as Maddie must get her comeuppance as she leaves men and women in her wicked wake.

Show creators Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks go down well-trodden ground with the show’s set-up. The problem is that other shows have done it better. Add TNT’s Good Behavior to that list.

While Lavi fills up the screen, drawing you in with each sultry glance and sly move, Heaps and Young as her marks don’t really measure up. It just isn’t a fair fight. And the questions of who to invest your emotional energy in and why, present a problem. Lavi’s Maddie is your best bet as to whom to put your stock in, but even that isn’t easy as the casual pace of proceedings don’t present the necessary urgency to get your heart rate up high enough to go all in.

The questions remain…Will Maddie get caught? How long before her luck finally runs out? How many more will get caught in her web of deceit? What should her penance be? Will her marks ever be made whole? Can she ever truly love?

And perhaps seeking answers to those questions will keep you coming back for more, but whether you will be on the edge of your seat while you are at it, I am not sure.



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