Gorgeous newcomer Chandler Kinney is ready to make her mark, flexing her performing muscles on the new FOX hit series, Lethal Weapon. Playing Riana Murtaugh, daughter to Damon Wayans’ Roger, we wanted to find out more about this rising star.


BEST EARLY MEMORY:  Some of my favorite early memories include me and my brothers playing in the backyard making dirt pies.

BEST PIECES IN YOUR CLOSET:  I love a good comfy sweater. Oversized sweatshirts are also great to bundle up in!

BEST DESIGNER RIGHT NOW:  My two favorites are Jay Godfrey and Alice & Olivia! They both have fun yet sophisticated and classy pieces!

BEST JUICY FASHION FIND:  I recently found this lip color that I’m in love with! It’s the Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick in the color 388. It’s a rosy, berry color and it’s very soft and smooth!

BEST BEAUTY SECRET:  Honestly, my best beauty secret is keeping my face clean. After an event or a day of filming, the first thing I try to do when I get home is wash off the makeup and moisturize to keep my skin happy and healthy!

BEST THING ABOUT PLAYING RIANA ON ‘LETHAL WEAPON’:  I get to be sassy and rebellious and act like a completely different person (which is a blast for me).

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING WITH DAMON WAYANS:  Damon is hilarious. I love when he ad-libs a funny line and catches me off guard while filming! He is seriously a comedic genius and getting to work with him and observe that first-hand has been the best thing!

BEST ON-SET SHENANIGANS:  Playing games and telling stories with my TV family is truly one of the best things about being on set! We’re always laughing in between takes.


BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ACTOR:  One of my favorite things about being an actor is truly affecting someone. I think making someone feel or think is incredibly powerful.

BEST 3 THINGS:  Chocolate, traveling, and art in any form (paintings, books, music, film etc.)

BEST GETAWAY:  Anywhere in Europe is a perfect getaway to me!

BEST PLACE TO CATCH YOU ON A FRIDAY NIGHT:  Definitely a movie theater! Or at home, on the couch, eating pizza…

BEST BAND RIGHT NOW:  My favorite band is twenty øne pilots. I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite a while now and I’m hoping they release new music in 2017!

BEST INFLUENCE:  I’d say my biggest influence is my mom. She’s given me a plethora of knowledge and continues to inspire me every day!

BEST POSSESSION:  One of my favorite possessions is a little necklace my mom gave me. It reminds me to accomplish great things and to always follow my dreams.

BEST MOMENT YOU’D RELIVE IF YOU COULD:  Getting the call that I had booked Lethal Weapon was a pretty amazing moment that I would totally relive!




CHANDLER ON INSTAGRAM: chandlerlkinney



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