Fast rising star Kayelyn Nacon is a young woman on a mission. With a body of work that includes ABC’s Resurrection and AMC’s smash hit, The Walking Dead, there is little standing in her way. Add singer-songwriter to her bag of tricks, with EP “Love In May” out now, we settled in to find out more.


BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: One time it snowed quite a bit where I live, and I met one of my best friends that I have today. I remember we were trying to build a snowman in my front yard but she kept eating all the Hershey kisses that we were trying to use for his eyes and mouth. We kept having to ask my mom for more and more and she got really confused about where all the Hershey kisses were going!

BEST DESIGNER RIGHT NOW: Ulyana Sergeenko BEST JUICY FASHION FIND: I just bought this maroon sweatshirt at Zumies that I just love. BEST BEAUTY SECRET: OSIS+ by Schwarzkopf Rough Rubber Texture, it adds a lot of texture and volume to my hair.

BEST THING ABOUT BEING ON ‘THE WALKING DEAD’: Being able to do what I am so passionate about and playing such an amazing character.

BEST ‘ENID’ MOMENT ON THE WALKING DEAD: Pointing the gun at Glenn. Enid is just trying to survive in this world the best way she knows how.

BEST ON-SET SHENANIGANS: I can be very sarcastic sometimes… and by sometimes I mean all the time!

BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ACTOR: Being able to do what I love and becoming and creating new people and new souls.

BEST BIT OF CAREER ADVICE SO FAR: “Do your best and forget the rest” – Erik Lingvall. It’s an inside joke, but great advice.

BEST 3 THINGS: My brother, my mom and my dad.

BEST BAND RIGHT NOW: Twenty One Pilots

BEST THING ABOUT BEING A SINGER-SONGWRITER: I love writing because it’s a way to get all my emotions out. Also ‘Love in May’ was cool because it was sort of an introduction for me to songwriting.

BEST GETAWAY: Going to Hilton Head with my family.

BEST PLACE TO CATCH YOU ON A FRIDAY NIGHT: Probably watching movies… or you know, Netflix!

BEST INFLUENCE: My brother has influenced almost every part of me I would say.

BEST POSSESSION: My ukulele and my piano.

BEST MOMENT YOU’D RELIVE IF YOU COULD: Probably when I was told that I got the part of Enid on The Walking Dead.



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