Blonde bombshell Lexi Atkins is making her mark on Hollywood one solid role at a time. With Zombeavers and The Boy Next Door opposite Jennifer Lopez under her belt, the upcoming Ted 2 and indie feature Some Kind of Hate coming down the pipeline, Atkins is also making her presence felt on the CW series, The Messengers. We caught up with the Illinois native to find out more.

BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: I’m the oldest of four from a very tight knit family, so a lot of my best childhood memories involve being with them. My parents thought it was important to travel and get to see the world at a very young age, so we traveled yearly as a family to all different places! My favorite memories would be some of those travels with my siblings!

BEST DESIGNER RIGHT NOW: I really am in love with Balmain. In my book, he can do no wrong…besides the price points! Now if only I could get my hands on some of his pieces!

BEST JUICY FASHION FIND: My favorite find right now is any type of T-shirt dresses. I love to wear them during the day with sneakers, or flats and then dress them up at night by throwing on some heels! That way, you can stay in the same thing all day! It makes it super easy, and who doesn’t love a comfy T-shirt dress? I’m a sucker for them!!!! Anything I can just “throw on” and still look “fashionable” in, is a go-to for me! I also just love the look of sexy without trying, so I think this suits that very well!

BEST BEAUTY SECRET: I’m secretly obsessed with beauty finds! One of my top ones would be HONEY (preferably Manuka honey)! I use this for a lot of things, especially face masks and face washes! Coconut Oil is also a must for me! I use it to cook with, as lotion, as makeup remover, chapstick, hair masks, oil pulling (to help whiten teeth naturally), and the list goes on! Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for hair rinses once a week, cleaning your makeup brushes, or obviously in meals (pour some in your salads as salad dressing)!

I love products that are all natural AND ones that have diversity! Anything I can consume internally, and use externally is what I’m interested in! Our skin is our biggest organ, so in my mind I don’t want to put anything on me that I can’t consume to begin with. Side note: When it comes to makeup, I use ZAO certified organic make up. It’s the first certified organic makeup here in the US, and its a must makeup line! I highly recommend the lipstick in 462 and the bronzing powders!

BEST THING ABOUT PLAYING THE LEAD IN ZOMBEAVERS: Besides the epic name, it would be getting to have the full beaver transformation! It was really cool to be able to experience wearing prosthetics first hand! Zombeavers was my first movie I ever technically booked, so everything from even being on set was new to me, but getting the opportunity to be able to totally transform into a Zombeaver as well on-set and on-camera was an experience I definitely will never ever forget! haha…

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING WITH JLO ON THE BOY NEXT DOOR: Wow! There were so many great things about working with Jennifer Lopez, my list could go on and on! I think when it comes down to it though, one of the best things about it was the experience as a whole! Working on set with such a talented cast and crew really validated to me all the hard work that I’ve put in to be where I am at right now in my career. It brought me back to being a little girl dreaming about moving to Hollywood and pursuing my dreams! To get a glimpse of your dreams becoming reality is an experience and feeling that is like no other! I had to pinch myself every day after leaving set! While you’re working and filming everything seems so normal and then when you leave, you pull yourself out of it and have to say… OMG…. THAT WAS JENNIFER LOPEZ!

BEST TED 2 ON-SET SHENANIGANS: Being on set with a cast full of some of the funniest people I’ve ever gotten a chance to meet is an experience I’ll also never forget! Every second on set had me laughing! Seth is literally a comic genius, and working with Amanda[Seyfried] and Mark [Wahlberg]was amazing; they’re both so talented! Having the experience of filming scenes where the script ALONE was hilarious and then getting to bring it to life was beyond fun!

BEST EXPERIENCE ABOUT SHOOTING THE MESSENGERS: The Messengers was my first TV experience, so everything was obviously very new to me! I loved every part of the experience, and really tried to soak up everything I could each time. One of my favorite parts was meeting the cast and crew for the first time. They were all so talented, and we really bonded well!

BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ACTOR: My favorite part about being an actor is getting to play soooo many different people. My whole life, I’ve jumped around from different sports or friend groups trying to find what kinds of things I was interested in. I could never quite stick to any one of them, because I had so much interest in everything! So now I get to basically do the same thing I’ve done my whole life, but as a job! It’s so much fun to dive into different characters and scenarios—especially the ones that we don’t get to usually experience in our daily lives…for example being a #ZOMBEAVER…haha!

BETS BIT OF CAREER ADVICE SO FAR: The best career advice I’ve gotten and the same advice that I would give to everyone would be to simply love what you do! Life is too short to not be doing what you love, and if you love every aspect of what you do in life, then the sky’s the limit!

BEST 3 THINGS: Meditation (it’s important to get still in a world that moves so quickly), my phone (covers a lot of ground since I can only pick three), inspiration (in spirit…without it I feel less).

BEST BAND RIGHT NOW: I have Caroline Vreeland’s music on repeat right now in my life. She is signed with the same music label as me, and she’s SO talented! If you haven’t heard her music yet, I suggest checking her out!

BEST GETAWAY: Anywhere in nature really! Lately I’ve been getting away to the beach, or going on long hikes when I want to just escape for an hour or so. I think it’s important for everyone to have some major “me time” every once in a while!

BEST PLACE TO CATCH YOU ON A FRIDAY NIGHT: Honestly, in my apartment…lol! I’m such a hermit. I like to stay home and read, and then catch up on sleep! If I’m not doing either of those, then I’m usually writing and working on music.

BEST INFLUENCE: I’ve had a lot of amazing influences in my life, but the best I would say would be from my grandpa. He was one of the hardest workers I have ever known and he still remained so giving and humble. He instilled in me that anything can be reality as long as you work really hard and believe in yourself! He passed away a few years ago, but I still look up to him daily, and every time I’m going through something difficult, I think of him and it helps me to keep going.

BEST POSSESSION: My phone, without it, I literally would be very very very lost!

BEST MOMENT YOU’D RELIVE IF YOU COULD: Wow, that’s a hard question. I think any time when I was much younger. That was before I had a lot of people pass away in my life, and to be able to experience any memory with those loved ones would be really meaningful to me.



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