Shanley Caswell means business, it’s that simple. A young talent winding a beautiful path up Hollywood Way,Caswell is one to watch in 2012. Taking the lead in Joseph Kahn’s teen horror/comedy flick DETENTION, Caswell scares up our screens in the best way as heroine Riley Jones. With paranormal true story THE WARREN FILES on the horizon, it is full steamahead for this outgoing beauty.



HOME SWEET HOME: I grew up in Sarasota, Floridawhich is on the gulf coast of Florida.It’s a mixture of beachy and artsy vibes. It’s got a ton of theaters, museums,beautiful white sandy beaches, and clear, warm water. Both of my parents are heavily involved in the theater and art world so I grew up with an appreciation of both, which led me into acting.

FIRST GIG IN THE BUSINESS: My first gig was actually for a print ad when I was fifteen. I was cast as a daughter in a Hispanic family because I was so tan atthe time that I looked Hispanic. I took French in high school and I’m of Irish and British origin so I was completely wrong for the part. The rest of my”family” was speaking Spanish and I had no idea what was going on. It was definitely an interesting introduction into the industry!

A DAY IN THE CITY OF ANGELS: When I am in school (which is the majority of thetime), I will typically wake up, go running, go to my classes, go to any meetings I might have for work stuff, then go home and do homework, then passout. I really don’t have much of a social life when I’m in school! When I’m not in school I usually sleep a lot or spend the rest of my time on outdoor adventures!

UNFORGETTABLE RED CARPET MOMENT: It’s not really a red carpet moment, but one time at a premiere I was standing in the corner and I started speaking with this elderly couple. We were all trying to avoid the crowd and stay out of the way. After about forty five minutes Mark Ruffalo comes over and starts talking to them. It turns out they were related to him somehow. I was completely star struck for the first time in my life. He asked me something that I don’t remember but I think I answered with a sort of half answer, half mumble. He gave me a weird look and then left. Oops. So much for acting cool.

#1 BEAUTY SECRET: Swimming in the ocean. The salt water always helps clean any acne I have and the sand on the beach exfoliates skin and nails. The beach is nature’s spa. Just wear sunscreen!

BEST BODY FEATURE: Probably my eyes. I have the same dark brown eyes as my father,grandmother, and other Caswell relatives. It makes me feel connected to them.

DESIGNER ADDICTION: Brandy Melville, Free People, American Apparel, North Face

PRIZED FASHION POSSESSION: I have a necklace that I got on a trip to Hawaii. I went there to hike the Kalalau trail on the Napali coast. It’s a simple necklace with a silver charm that has Aloha written on it. It’s not something that has a lot of monetary value, but it reminds me of that trip and everything that I learned when I was there. It means a lot to me.

SHOE FETISH: I actually bought myself a pair of UGG Adirondack boots for my birthday and I love them. They are so comfortable and stable so I can wear them on any terrain. I love wearing them with jeans and a cool vintaget-shirt. I also love Converse and Sanucks. Comfy and casual.

TREND YOU LOVE: I love neon incorporated into clothing for summer…as long as it’s in moderation. Too much and it looks like a rave.

TREND YOU WISH WOULD DIE: Hipster wide rimmed glasses when someone doesn’t actually need glasses. I think it’s like wearing a hearing aid because you think it looks cool.


i)Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. Moving from Florida to California left me with consistently dry skin so I’m addicted to this stuff!

ii)A bottle of Lavender water that I carry in my purse everywhere I go. It’s nice to spritz throughout the day when I need a little relaxation.

iii)Exercise. I always look and feel my best when I get regular exercise, even if it’s just walking to class.


Stila’s Illuminating Moisturizer, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balm in Honey (I’m obsessed!), Maybelline’s Mineral Power Concealer (for the sensitive skin under my eyes). Those are my basics.

A r o u n d   t h e   W e b