As sexy coroner Lanie Parish on the ABC hit CASTLE, Tamala Jones sends tongue’s wagging each week as she helps solve cases with an equally attractive team of detectives. This bright eyed beauty is also a survivor and inspiration, having overcome an aneurism at 23 and promoting healthy living alongside advocacy for foster children. A fashionista with a closet that would make your head spin and a gumbo recipe to die for, Jones is quite simply the total package.


FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: I grab a cup of coffee & turn on some music!

FIRST DESIGNER YOU EVER WORE: Gucci. It was a pretty nude/peach colored mini dress with ruffles. My favorite piece in my closet now is an Alexander Wang black corset dress.FIRST PASSION: I’ve always loved music. I tried everything from playing an instrument to rapping and singing . I wasn’t very good at rapping or playing an instrument, but I love to sing and I love it as much as acting now.
FIRST SPICY TREAT: My very first spicy treat  I had was when I was fourteen. I was eating some Jamaican jerk chicken with scotch bonnet hot sauce on it. It was extremely
hot , but extra good !! Since then, I have learned to cook my own jerk chicken and a bunch of other dishes, courtesy of my grandmother. I have been taught by the best. My grandmother’s recipe for macaroni and cheeses is to die for. It’s always the first thing to go at parties!!
FIRST ACTING GIG: It was an IBM commercial. It was so cool because I was able to have three real friends from school be in it with me. That was one of the best times ever!!!!
FIRST BIT OF CAREER ADVICE: This came from my attorney, Nina Shaw, who told me, “You’re a great actress, but if you keep playing the same role, you’re going to get left behind in this business. You need to grow so it’s time to make some sacrifices, stop saying yes to all of these offers and start auditioning for roles with meat and get a new manager!” I took her advice, which was scary at first, but I’m glad that I listened.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF HOLLYWOOD: My first impressions were mixed. At first I thought what a great, fun place. Everyone is nice, but then I quickly realized that this is a
business not a party. Hollywood is about the work that you do, who you know and
whether you are a money maker or a faker, nothing more. It seems like a harsh statement, but it’s like that in any business, not just in show business.
FIRST AWARD SHOW: My first award show experience was about fifteen years ago when I was on the show “For Your Love “, and it was not a very good one . I felt like a freshman on the first day of High School. I got all dressed in a Pamela Dennis gown, only to be treated like a seat filler . It was a sad, but humbling experience for me. Needless to say I
have never been back to that award show since then…lol!!
FIRST FEELING ABOUT BEING ON CASTLE: My first feeling about Castle was that it was a winner!!! Something fresh and different from what was already on television .Thank God for loyal fans!!!!
FIRST DEFINING LIFE MOMENT: It was after I survived my brain aneurysm. After being told that it was a miracle that I was even alive, walking or talking, I knew that I was here on earth for a purpose. To live was one purpose and the other was to help people see that life is precious and no matter what you are going through, it gets better!!!
FIRST NEW THING: Things Never Said is an independent movie that I did on my last hiatus. It stars Shanola Hampton, Omari Hardwick and I. I’m very excited about this project. It’s fresh and deals with real issues of life, like being in an abusive relationship and looking for a way out. It’s an amazing film and I can’t wait till you all see it!

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