The red-headed beauty walks quietly into the brick studio, the sun brushing a happy constellation of freckles. Texas native Katie Leclerc is an artist whose road to a lead role on the ABC Family hit Switched At Birth is one of courage coupled with possessing the kind of talent many would give a right arm for.


BEST BEAUTY SECRET: Egyptian Magic! It’s got like 4 ingredients, it’s all natural,
it makes my face so happy, but you can use it anywhere! Try it on tired feet and you will be so shocked how great they feel. I’m also addicted to my EOS chap stick ball.

BEST DESIGNER SPLURGE: I got to buy a beautiful pair of shoes for the AMA’s they
were Jeffrey Campbell nude shoes with TONS of sparkles all over them! Up until a year ago the only designer thing I had was a BCBG dress that I had to save for about 3 months to get. I still don’t have much designer clothes but what I do have, I covet!

BEST EARLY MEMORY: When I was about 6 my family and I lived in Deadwood, South Dakota. My brother was really into cowboys and had recently learned to lasso. I would get into the garbage can and run around as he tried to lasso me in the bin. We would do it for hours.

BEST THING ABOUT BEING IN A RASCAL FLATTS VIDEO: My mom’s reaction. She is a big country music fan and she was very excited I got to do that one!

BEST THING ABOUT THE BIG BANG: The people! Everyone was so professional and so stinking funny! Since they are in their 5th season, everyone has hit their strides and has a groove together. They were so welcoming!

BEST THING ABOUT SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Honestly, everything. I’d been acting for about10 years before I got the part and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better cast, story to tell, or a character who I love so much. I feel like I am very similar to Daphne in many ways, and yet, I’ve never been so challenged as an actor. To speak two languages simultaneously, and speak out loud in an accent has gotten a bit easier as I’ve done it, but everyone is so supportive and fun, that I truly love it!

BEST ON-SET TALE: as we were getting ready to shoot the episode where DW and Lucas
play baseball, they asked Lucas if he could play. Me being a big High School Musical fan jumped in and said “oh can he ever?! He can play baseball and sing and dance all at the same time!” then Lucas started singing the song in HSM2 where he did it and I started freaking out like a schoolgirl when Lea looked over and teasingly wrote in her hand “dear diary, today I saw HSM LIVE!”

BEST 3 THINGS: I love to cook, if I wasn’t an actor, I’d like to be a chef. I LOVE my dog, he is a 9 month old Australian Cattle Dog and, get this, he’s deaf and knows some sign language! I also love to hike. There is something calming and refreshing about being in nature and getting to recharge your batteries.

BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ACTOR: getting to play someone new all the time. I’ve had so many experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’ve gotten to meet so many new people and find empathy for others in unexpected ways.

BEST INFLUENCE: As a kid I mostly remember watching loud awesome 80’s action movies. Kindergarten Cop was my favorite along with Speed. It’s been inspiring to watch
Ms. Sandra Bullock grow and change over her long career. She is so graceful and seems so kind.

BEST POSSESSION: When my grandma passed, I inherited a set of glass cups she had.
They are paper thin emerald green with gold details. When I was younger I’d stair into her curio cabinet for hours but was never allowed to touch anything. To this day, I try very hard not to move/touch them.

BEST MOMENT YOU’D RELIVE IF YOU COULD: The moment that the creator of Switched At Birth, Lizzy Weiss said I COULD quit my day job! I burst into tears and stared
jumping up and down and after I calmed down, I went back to my desk and said to my boss, “you’ll need to find me a replacement in about 3 weeks” and then I got to call my family and freak out all over again!!

BEST TRIUMPH: Never giving up. I’ve had people in my career look me in the face and
say I couldn’t do it, or that they would try to tarnish my reputation, or that no matter how hard I tried I could never make it, and to that, I say tune into ABC Family and check me now!!

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