Toronto import Laura Vandervoort struts into the rooftop studio like a blonde gazelle. Her beauty is not the sort you can overlook and neither is the summery sweetness she leaves behind. Best known for her role as Supergirl on Smalllville, Vandervoort takes center stage this summer in the highly anticipated Seth MacFarlane feature TED.


FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: Make my cup of coffee, check emails… I really should relax into morning but I’m always up and on the go. I’m either in the gym, doing Pilates or spinning class. Nothing too crazy but don’t talk to me before coffee…!

FIRST DESIGNER YOU EVER WORE: J Mendel. I was loaned two dresses for two different events for the Golden Globes. One was a body hugging beige silk dress which was like a second skin, and the other was a hunter-green strapless dress with beige under layer. It was the first long gown I’d ever worn for an event and very dramatic!

FIRST THING ABOUT WAR: In This Means War, I had a fun cameo. They were looking for actress to flirt with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in Asia – A James Bond-esque high fashion sequence. I was shooting V at the time in Vancouver and lucky I was able to do it since the scene was also shot in Vancouver.

FIRST ACTING GIG: Probably Goosebumps, a Canadian TV show for kids. But the big one was playing Supergirl  on Smallville. I self-taped the audition and I didn’t expect anything to come of it. I found out I got the call back when I was hiking in Canada…on a sprained ankle! I drove home, booked a flight and landed in LA limping but still put on heels. I walked in and tested and a week later, I had the job and moved to Vancouver. It was a great role because I’m a 2nd degree black belt so I did a lot of my own stunt work. I love doing action!


FIRST BIT OF CAREER ADVICE: It came from Gorden Pinsent. When I was taping Goosebumps, he was shooting another show on the same studio lot. He said, “Don’t change and remember where you come from and always go home to your family.”

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF HOLLYWOOD: Crazy…people, the industry,everything…crazy!

FIRST ACTOR INFLUENCE: It was the movie My Girl, Anna Chlumsky actually. We were about the same age and I looked a bit like her. It made me cry and I learned then how movies can affect people and change their moods. I was a martial artist and hadn’t really used my artistic side. I also love Rachel McAdams. She’s so classy and strong and brings it when she takes a role. She’s my new role model. Meryl Streep is another person I really admire.

FIRST FEELING ABOUT BEING ON TED: TED is directed by Seth McFarlane, and stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. I play Tanya, Mark’s coworker at a car rental store that’s not doing well. He’s dating Mila’s character Lori and his childhood friend, a teddy bear comes to life and stays with him through adulthood. The teddy bear gets in way of his
relationship. My character Tanya is his advice giver. I basically shoot the s**t with the guys but also give the heart to hearts when they are called for. Working with Mark was very intimidating coming from Canada, it was a big deal.

FIRST THING ABOUT SETH MCFARLANE: He directed and he was there every day. He was also the voice of the teddy bear. He’s such an intelligent guy and would come up with one liners right before a take and would feed them to the actors…very raunchy stuff! He’s very laid back and was great to work with. It was the first time I really improvised on set and to do that with these actors who are mostly professional comedians was intimidating.
I learned I can handle my own improvising and I have never laughed so hard!

FIRST DEFINING LIFE MOMENT: Personally, it was moving out here alone and leaving my family behind to come to a new country. It made me stronger as a woman. Professionally, it was getting Supergirl role on Smallville because it helped me to continue on with a fan base from the sci-fi world. I avoided moving out here for so long and was filming US shows in Canada but it has been life changing.

FIRST SECRET TO THE INDUSTRY: When I first moved out here, someone told me a quote from an old Hollywood actress who was asked what advice she’d give to a young actress moving to Hollywood and she said, “Honey, take Fountain.”

FIRST NEW THING: I just guest starred on White Collar. I hadn’t really been to New
York before that. I play Matt Bomer’s love interest on the show. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had on any set, feeling like a main cast member, not just a guest star. The first day I met Matt we had to make out so there you have it. He’s very talented actor and I just had such a good experience. TED is out this summer. I would love to continue to work. I would love to be on another television series and I’d like to get bigger roles in big features. I see my career on a step ladder, and I want to keep progressing.

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