Forbidden love…murder…intrigue…the greatest feud in American History. Kevin Costner and HISTORY channel breathe new life in The Hatfields and McCoys and the enduring folklore that has surrounded the two warring clans for generations. And on a bright and sunny California day, with a perfect cotton-blue sky open as far as the eye can see, a clamor of voices travel up the stone walkway. It’s the Hatfields’ boys club. Watching Matt Barr, Boyd Holbrook and Noel Fisher is like watching a true band of brothers, a bond formed on the isolated Romanian set of the highly anticipated mini-series. And then there is Lindsay Pulsipher, who walks in and lights up the room with good-cheek warmth and a wide smile, holding her own perfectly in a sea of boots and banter that begs not to be repeated. She embraces the co-stars who have become like family. It is a day that shifts from penguin suits and glamorous gowns to weather-worn jeans and tees when its all said and done with much laughter left behind. These young bloods are veterans in their own right, having credits ranging from True Blood, Shameless and Twilight to Milk, but the more you get to know the more you discover that they hold the world in the palm of their hands. (ALL PHOTOGRAPHY BY JIM JORDAN)



Status:  Dating. I have a very pretty girl
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Funniest childhood memory:  I met Christopher Reeve when I was really little so I thought he was Clark Kent and I whispered, “I know who you are…” He was my hero.
I never leave home without…chapstick!
Go-To Designer: Hugo Boss makes a good lookin’ suit!
Must-have item in your closet: Jeans and white V- neck 6 days a week…and my brown boots.
Tattoos: No….
Quirks/Phobias: Expired food. I can’t eat it if its near that date!
Best Feature: Really enjoying life…I love people
Gym rat or outdoorsy guy: Outdoorsy guy definitely
Latest obsession: TV show Pawnstars
Best getaway: South Padre Island,  TX
Food Hound:  I love Lefty’s Lobster House in Dallas, TX
First audition: It was for this movie called Levelland and it ended up being my first movie. I was young and stupid enough to think I would get it.
Crazy on-set moment: I remember riding through the trail with a gun in one hand on a horse with Kevin Costner thinking, “This really is living the dream!”
Actor who has influenced you most: Kevin Costner
Best Band: Mumford and Sons
Best saying: Living the dream
Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire: Mad Men
When I’m not acting, I love to…be in the sunshine, anything in the sunshine.
Best advice you ever got: Don’t be afraid to win.
If I had to give it all up I’d be…a professional treasure hunter.
Biggest achievement to date: I like myself…that’s an achievement.
Master plan: I want to be in love with the people around me and the work that I’m doing.
HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: How did the role of Johnse come to you?
MATT BARR: I told my agents to look for a pseudo-western, one of my life dreams and when this came along and Kevin Costner was attached, I knew going into the audition that if there ever was a time to grab what I want in life, this was it.  I auditioned a couple of times and it worked out okay.
HM: Tell me about Johnse.
MB: I play Johnse Hatfield, the oldest son of Devil Hatfield. For generations, the Hatfields and McCoys have hated each other. But Johnse doesn’t carry that hate and questions it which causes strife in his family. He’s very much a lover and he falls in love with Roseanna McCoy. It’s a forbidden love and further fuels the fire.
HM: What was the internal map to bringing Johnse to life?
MB: Johnse is unapologetically who he is and refuses to be anything but that and I’ve always felt that way with myself – part stubborn, part pride. Johnse loves with his heart first probably at times to a fault.
HM: And the overall experience for you?
MB: Being so isolated over in the mountains of Romania was like being at camp. The crew and cast felt like a band of brothers and sisters and you got to see the best and worst in people and that really is what family is there for, to help serve what you are doing. We ate together, slept together…what happens in Romania…



Status:  I’m seeing someone.
Hometown: Prestonsburg, KY
Funniest childhood memory: Running back and forth from my great grandmother’s house to my house in Woodling.
I love my…family
Favorite Designer: APC jeans, and I’ll go for a good Stenson hat…Now if someone wants to give me a suit, Hugo Boss will be great.
Tattoos: 3 or 4….I was obsessed with elephants when I was a kid. I joke I’m a Republican but it’s not true. My friend gave me a little notch and me and 3 friends all got tattoos together.
Quirks/Phobias: I’m pretty quirky….I hate snakes.
Best Feature: Empathy
Gym rat or outdoorsy guy: Both. I usually hike and go on treks with the dog.
Night owl or day crawler: Reformed day crawler
Heineken or Moscow Mule: A shot of tequila followed by a slap in the face!
Latest obsession: J.P. Donleavy and the band The Dead Weather
Best Getaway: Berlin
Best Possession: Family and friends
Model Act: I supported myself working as a fabricator for a sculptor when I was at drama school. I showed artwork at some galleries and it was during that time I did some modeling to make money.
First acting gig: Milk. I got to give my first line of dialogue to Sean Penn. I was about ready to have full on panic attack!
Crazy on-set moment: Shooting someone with a gun. Its always crazy when the packet explodes and they get up…and they’re not dead!
Actor who has influenced you most: Sean Penn
Best Band: Right now, Devil Makes Three, Beacon, The Deadwood, Trampled by Turtles.
Mantra to live by: Get back up on your feet and show them the grit in your teeth.
Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm: Curb Your Enthusiasm
On a Friday night I’d find you…rolling dice
If I had to give it all up I’d…carry on creating art, or writing, finding some medium of artwork to communicate through.
Biggest achievement to date: I guess not dying…..
Master plan: There’s a Sam Shepard short story I have the rights to that I want to direct. I want to tell stories in any way possible and have control of. I want to merge conceptual art into narrative storytelling.
HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: How did the role of ‘Cap’ Hatfield come to you?
BOYD HOLBROOK: I went in for a couple of different roles and ‘Cap’ is the one that fit, couple rounds of that and got it. I grew up about 20 minutes away where Hatfields’ is set but I didn’t want anyone to know that. I ended up becoming somewhat of a voice coach on set with people asking me how to say this or that.
HM: Tell me about ‘CAP.’
BH: ‘Cap’ is son of Devil and brother to Johnse. He was badly injured in a logging accident as a kid leaving him with a cloudy eye. This defines his character. He’s sort of like a shadow and the black sheep of the clan. He overcompensates for
his disability and becomes a sharp shooter.
HM: What was your approach to the role?
BH: I looked at a lot of the primitive elements of the era. It was about survival. There wasn’t education as such and the only world that matters is the one they live on the mountain. It was about fighting back when your family’s survival depended on it otherwise you would be killed. The law was between men and not a court.
HM: What was the experience like on-set?
BH: By far, this has been my favorite project. We shot in Romania because Kentucky was too developed. You have to keep in mind that back then the landscape was untouched and people got around by horse and cart. I learned so much from Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner, just from sitting and watching how they conducted themselves. It was a lot of fun on set
and Kevin Reynolds was definitely dealing with a circus for a cast! And the caliber of people on the project was incredible with a writer like Ted Mann who distilled right down into the material. This is one of the great historical folk stories, with so many human aspects to it. It’s also a part of my heritage, being from that part of Kentucky so I feel very passionately about the project.


Status: Dating. I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years.
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Best childhood memory:  I used to have ongoing wars with my little sister. My parents turned the attic into two bedrooms and there was a crawl space and we would sneak into each other’s rooms.
You’d be surprised to know I…am trained in circus stilt walking.
Go-To Designer: I’m incredibly style ignorant…
Closet staple: Casual T-shirt and jeans. I love LA because you can get away with wearing a T-shirt and jeans year round. You can even get crazy and throw a hoodie in there!
Tattoos: No tattoos here. That can get dangerous if you’re an actor.
Quirks/Phobias: I’m a giant walking quirk!
Best Feature: My elbows
Gym rat or outdoorsy guy: Depends on the goal. I like working out at the gym for getting in shape an outdoors for the enjoyment and for the spirit I guess.
Latest obsession: My Kindle…just got it and it made me into a reader again.
Last tweet: Got back from England and think I brought back black plague with me!
Best Getaway: Going home to Vancouver to see the family.
Food Rush: I love anything involving sushi.
First acting gig: The Sheldon Kennedy Story – it was a Canadian production for CDC.
Crazy on-set moment: Having to take my shirt off for a scene in Romania and right before we filmed, it started to snow! Taking off clothes in snow was funny.
Actor who has influenced you most: Growing up, Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis, Sean Penn.
Tall Tale: My favorite book has to be Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse
Modern Family or Curb Your Enthusiasm: Modern Family
Secret Passion: I’d like to be a writer if I was good enough.
When I’m not acting, I love to… hang out with my girl and my cat.
Best advice you ever got: If you love doing something, do it 100 percent. Also, maintaining a sense of balance within you because acting is so unstructured.
Biggest achievement to date: Hard to compare career-wise because I’ve been lucky to have projects that have stretched me as actor like Shameless, Twilight or Hatfields and McCoys.
Master plan: I admire people who are able to act in good projects consistently. At the end of the day, I love to act in things I am passionate about and down the line, write scripts that can get made or that I can produce.
HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: How did the role of Cotton Top Mounts come to you?
NOEL FISHER: The role of Cotton Top actually came to me through my agent and my manager — they had sent over the
script and thought I should really take a look at it. They told me that it was a really cool part in a mini-series that the History Channel was putting together based on true events. I took a read through it and loved it, so, I went in for the audition. I got a call a few days later with the role offer and I couldn’t refuse!
HM: Tell me about your character.
NF: Cotton Top Mounts is the illegitimate son of ‘Devil’ Anse Hatfield’s [Kevin Costner] brother, who was born out of
wedlock and is mentally challenged. Cotton Top is such an interesting character in the world of the mini-series because there is so much hatred and viciousness on both sides of Hatfields and McCoys, and then there’s Cotton Top — who
doesn’t really care to hurt anybody, but at the same time does so without meaning to.
HM: What was your approach to the role?
NF: Because of Cotton Top’s mental capacity, I wanted to make sure that I was respectful of where someone like Cotton Top would come from. A friend of mine works with mentally challenged kids at a school here in Los Angeles, so I gave him a call and brought him a script. We talked about every scene line by line to figure out Cotton Top’s motivations and where he was coming from, and how he would perceive the situations he faced. It really helped in the process of creating a background to the character for me.
HM: What was the experience like on-set?
NF: Hatfields and McCoys was one of the funnest sets I’ve ever been on! There was a really wonderful feeling of camaraderie – every single person involved with the project was so passionate and we all really wanted to make it as good as it could possibly be. I can’t say enough good things about everyone involved. There was also a really nice camp feeling on set as well, since we were shooting in Bucharest and were far away from everything we know. We basically became a little family on set!


Hometown: Salt Lake City
Designer Crush: Valentine Gauthier, Acne, Kahlo, Alexander Wang
Beauty Bible: Coconut oil, fresh veggies everyday, and lots and lots of water!
Sweats kinda girl or skinny jeans and killer heels at all times: Skinny jeans and ballet flats kind of girl.
Latest obsession: Parks and Recreation
The acting bug hit when…I was about 9 years old.
On-set shenanigans: Laughing and dancing with the Italian hair and makeup team every morning.
Romania, Romania…The mountains we shot in were so beautiful and isolated. Almost completely uninhabited. Being out in the remote hillsides made it easy to visualize the time period where our story took place, and how people lived
back then. It’s an incredible country.
Actor you admire: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gena Rowlands, Naomi Watts, Viola Davis.
Vampire Diaries: Being able to say I’ve played a Werepanther on True Blood is pretty damn fantastic!
If I had to give it all up I’d…Probably be living on a farm out in the country with tons of animals running around. Painting, playing music.
Dream dinner guest: Chip Coffey
On a Friday night I’d find you…With friends having dinner, or snuggling with my boyfriend and dog watching a movie.
Master plan: Guess I don’t have one. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants.
HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: How did the Hatfields & McCoys role come to you?
LINDSAY PULSIPHER: My agents sent me the script and I knew it was something special. I read all three scripts in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. The story was so rich and dramatic. I had to double check that all of these events actually took place because it seemed so outrageous. I knew that I had to be apart of this project, and I am so happy it worked out
that I could be.
HM: Tell me about Roseanna.
LP: Roseanna is the daughter of Randall and Sally McCoy. She is a gentle, sensitive girl who happens to fall in love
with the forbidden boy, Johnse Hatfield. Her life is tormented by the decision of choosing to honor her father and her family, or follow her heart and stay true to her love for Johnse.
HM: Do you see any of yourself in Roseanna?
LP: There are elements of me in Roseanna, for sure. I can be soft spoken and a people pleaser but I stand up for what I believe in–not unlike Roseanna.
HM: The chemistry between Roseanna and Johnse is central to the story as their forbidden love plays out. What was it like working with Matt?
LP: When Matt and I first met we both discovered how passionate we both were about the material. We thought it was important to create a moment in the story, in the middle of all this violence and chaos, for the audience to breath. We wanted to make sure Johnse and Roseanna’s love for each other helped create that harmony. They were the Romeo and Juliet of their time, really.
HM: How would you encompass this whole
LP: I will always have a fond place in my heart for the time I spent in Romania shooting the Hatfields & McCoys. I learned so much from the incredible seasoned actors I was lucky enough to work with, and I made some lifelong friends. I just hope everyone will enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed shooting it.


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