Bailey Noble leads with a blinding smile that’s got toothpaste commercial written all over it. The hazel-eyed beauty who made her bones on shows like 90210 and GLEE, is kicking things up a notch, flexing her artistic muscles as she makes a return to HBO’s smash hit, True Blood as Adilyn Bellefleur. We catch up with the Pennsylvania native to talk fashion, her road to success…and of course, vampires.



DESIGNER CRUSH: Marc Jacobs, Alice and Olivia, Sam Edelman, BCBG

CLOSET FAITHFULS: White tee shirt and Gold Alice and Olivia pumps!

LAST FASHION SPLURGE: I bought these awesome black high wasted jeans from All Saints! LOVE!

TEE AND BOYFRIEND JEANS OR SKINNY JEANS AND HEELS KINDA GIRL: It depends on my mood! I really love both!

#1 BEAUTY SECRET: Keep it simple!

GUILTIEST PLEASURE: Chocolate from Trader Joe’s!

THE GREAT ESCAPE: I love to spend the day at the beach!




THE INFLUENCER: The Mom and Dad!

YOU’D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW I…have broken 5 bones in my life!

FRIDAY NIGHT, I’D FIND YOU…With my friends at dinner or the movies!


YOU, IN 3 WORDS: Positive. Compassionate. Bright.

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: Tell me about the early years…

BAILEY NOBLE: I actually grew up in Bethlehem! It was awesome! I spent a lot of time playing in the woods with my sister and our neighbors. I got the snow in the winter and the sun in the summer! It was a really grounding place to grow up, but maybe my family had something to do with that!

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: I hear you would tag along to your mom’s hosting and commercial gigs as a kid. Is that where the itch to perform started?

BN: I think that definitely helped! But I was always preforming, putting on one-woman shows since I could talk!

HM: Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, are just a few artists that come to mind that are making an impact today. If you had to pick one, whose path do you most admire and why?

BN:I admire Meryl Streep’s path! She has continued to do incredible work throughout her life and with such grace! She is a truly kick ass, classy woman!

HM: The entertainment industry is not for the faint of heart. Was there any trepidation on yours or your family’s part when you made the decision to move to Los Angeles?

BN: I didn’t think twice about the move! Something inside me just knew it was the right thing to do! My mom and dad of course were sad that I would be so far away, but they were SO supportive!

HM: You found fairly quick success, booking ABC’s Off The Map within a few months of being in LA. Tell me about that experience.

BN: That was incredible! My mom was visiting and I went to audition, went to the callback and booked it! I booked the job on my 20th birthday and the next day my mom and I were both on a plane to Hawaii for two weeks to shoot! It was the best birthday gift I could have dreamed of!

HM: You then found success on 90210, GLEE and Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader. Best moments from those shows…

BN: I had been dreaming about working on the Paramount lot! I even had a picture of the entrance as my screen saver, so, it was a dream come true to be there shooting a hit show like GLEE! 90210 was also really special because I had auditioned for the show many times and finally got cast in a part that I felt like was so me!

HM: Let’s talk about True Blood. You are now a series regular as the show heads into its final season. How did the role of Adilyn Bellefleur come to you in the first place?

BN: My agent sent me the audition and immediately I had a grip on who Adilyn was! It felt like she had always been a part of me. I knew right after the audition that I was on hold for the role and up until I got the final word it was mine, I kept calling my agent everyday! “What’s going on with True Blood?” “Have they cast it yet?”

HM: What was it like coming into the mix on such a wildly successful show with a fierce following?

BN: Awesome! The fans of the show are just as wonderful as the people working on it! So, I think that speaks to the fact that, good comes from good!

HM: Tell me about Adilyn. What’s her backstory and what’s she all about?

BN: Adilyn is the innocence I think we all want to find in our own life. She has this yearning to experience life to the fullest because she’s really only been around for a short while! She stays positive even when things get really crazy!

HM: Do you identify with her in any way, and do you think that is important in fully embodying a character?

BN: I think in all of the characters I play, there is a piece of me. Adilyn reminds me of the young naive teenager I was. I love her light!

HM: How did you approach playing Adilyn?

BN: I just took it day by day, script by script. As new situations would come up, I would just sit with it and try to understand how Adilyn would deal with it.

HM: You work with Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer…and the list goes on. What’s the atmosphere like on and off-set?

BN: For me, it’s always really amazing! I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with such talented actors.

HM: There’s a lot of gore on True Blood which is to be expected, as it is a show about vampires after all. Are you squeamish at all, or are you totally game for the blood-fest?

BN: When I first saw a massive pile of vampire goo, I was a bit squeamish, but after being around it all day it was totally normal and now I have no problem with it!

HM: How have you dealt with the loss of anonymity to the degree you have experienced it? Unnerving, fun?

BN: I feel like I haven’t really lost my anonymity yet! I’ve been recognized a few times and it’s really flattering!

HM: I hear you’re a big foodie. Favorite restaurant if you had to pick one and best dish on the menu…

BN: I love Taste on Melrose! I really love their “kobe” beef meatball pasta! And a Sangiovese wine to go with it!

HM: What else do you get up to when you aren’t working?

BN: I love yoga and hiking! Right now, I’m learning photography and having a blast doing photo shoots with my friends!

HM: What’s the long game?

BN: After True Blood, I plan on auditioning and working really hard to find my next job! Hopefully another series or a movie!


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