As her blue-green eyes pierce and the crinkle in her wide smile warms, being easy on the eyes is a small part of what Stevie Lynn Jones is about. Whip smart, funny and driven with talent to spare, Jones is ready to take flight with her starring role as Beth Ann Gibson on NBC’s new hit drama, Crisis. We settle in with the Los Angeles native to find out more.


BEST EARLY MEMORY: That’s a hard one…Landing my first front double in diving was a pretty awesome feeling. There’s nothing like entering the water the exact right way.

DESIGNER CRUSH: Diane Von Furstenberg

CLOSET MUST LIST: Doc Martens, Free People maxi skirt, DVF structured mini skirt…

LAST JUICY FASHION FIND: Free People daisy-waist dress…I wear it at least 3 times a week.

IF I COULD RAID ANYONE’S CLOSET, IT’D BE…Angelina Jolie. She executes elegance when needed, sexiness at all times, and pulls off t-shirts and jeans without a problem.

LATEST OBSESSION: Kale smoothies…oh goodness, that sounds so “LA”!

LAST TWEET: “So grateful for my amazing life. Thank you to everyone that makes it so special.”

THE GREAT ESCAPE: Outside Knoxville, Tennessee at my cousins’ lake house. Lake life is the best.

BEST LA HAUNT: Its constantly changing…but right now, I love going to the Artisan Cheese Gallery for lunch and Matsuda for sushi.

BEST POPCORN FLICK: I would love to say Citizen Kane, but it’s actually Harry Potter. I can watch them over and over again at anytime.

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Hayao Miyazaki…Howl’s Moving Castle. If you don’t know it, you’re missing out.


DREAM DINNER GUEST: Will Ferrell…I like laughing…and I suppose I wouldn’t mind staring at Chris Pine throughout an entire dinner.

THE INFLUENCER: My closest friends. Those who keep my best interests and heart in mind.

YOU’D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW I… I love Top Gear. I will lean forward on the couch and take on the Stig one day.

YOU, IN 3 WORDS: Kind. Loving. Unabashed.


HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: You grew up with parents in the entertainment industry. Did that almost destine you for a career in acting?

STEVIE LYNN JONES: They never pushed me into anything. I found my path and they supported me on my way.

HM: You’ve come into an industry notorious for its pressures and competition for a limited number of roles. How do you deal with those dynamics?

SLJ: Be kind to everyone. Be prepared. Be humble. I have faults like everyone. I never judge.

HM: Who were some of the artists that inspired you?

SLJ: John Wayne, Marion Cotillard, and Julianne Moore.

HM: What was your first break in the industry?

SLJ: A Menactra commercial when I was 12! Brett Ratner also cast me in a pilot a few years back.

HM: Best bit of career advice so far…

SLJ: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

HM: Tell me about the web series Runaways, a dark drama you have been a part of and the experience being on the show.

SLJ: Runaways is a fantastic webseries that follows the story of two high school runaways and a murder. It’s high school, so there is a lot of drama, teen angst, secrets, betrayal, and mystery above all else. You can’t stop watching, because you have to know what happens next. Being on the show was amazing. The director, Clark Mathis, had such a distinct vision for the show and he executed it perfectly.

HM: Let’s talk about Crisis, the new NBC drama where you play Beth Ann Gibson. First of all, what’s the premise of the show?

SLJ: Crisis is about high school preparatory students who get kidnapped and taken hostage. The show follows the powerful parents being manipulated by the kidnapper to get their children back, the FBI and secret service agent investigating the situation and the experience of the hostages. It’s a high stakes drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

HM: Tell me about your character Beth Ann Gibson. What makes her tick?

SLJ: Beth Ann is a strong, kindhearted girl who is a scholarship student at the prep school. She does not get along with any of the spoiled rich kids and only has one friend, Ian Martinez played by Max Schneider. Beth Ann has had a hard time at home because of her father abandoning the family after he got fired. She has tough skin and puts on a hard front, but deep down she will do anything for those she loves.

HM: Best on-set shenanigans…

SLJ: I guess you wouldn’t call it shenanigans, but when we had long days, all us teens would cuddle up and sleep on the heater vents between takes. But on the last day of Crisis, I built a snowman and we had snowball fights…that was a bit more rambunctious.

HM: You are quite an ambitious young lady. You have worked behind the scenes in production in different capacities on film, television, animation and commercial projects. Is that where you see your career headed down the road?

SLJ: While I respect all the crew positions on set, my true passion is being in front of the camera. There is nothing like it. I want nothing else.

HM: I hear you are a bit of a martial arts and cross-training junkie. And what’s this about you being a competitive diver?

SLJ: I started diving when I was 8 years old. I competed on the J.O. team and had a lot of fun. More than anything, diving taught me confidence, how to take direction, and discipline. Things that have actually really helped with my acting.

HM: What’s the long game?

SLJ: To work with the best minds and learn. There is nothing I enjoy more.


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